Equipment Retrofits

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At BeaconMedaes, we understand that replacing a complete system within your Medical Gas Pipeline System (MGPS) isn't always feasible. If a unit or component isn’t meeting current standards, taking the entire system offline isn't the only option. We specialize in providing tailored retrofit solutions that ensure the safety of both patients and staff without service interruptions. 

Our retrofit services include turnkey packages for components like scroll air plant towers, vacuum pumps, control systems, and the addition of HEPA filter systems to comply with the latest regulations. By systematically replacing individual components, you can plan and budget for system upgrades over time, mitigating the need for a large upfront investment.

Bare pumps to ben sent to a site for retrofitting

Benefits of retrofitting:

  • Minimal downtime: Our retrofit kits are pre-assembled and tested at our factory to ensure quick and efficient installation.
  • Cost savings: Upgrade only the necessary components, avoiding the expense of a complete system overhaul.
  • Access to current technology: Upgrade to newer, more efficient technology improving the overall system integrity. 

Types of retrofit kits available:

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Lifecycle Management

MyMedGas maps and categorizes medical assets for data-driven decisions, planning retrofits, and ensuring code compliance.

Service Plans

BeaconMedaes Service Plans ensure optimal equipment operation with tailored maintenance, aligning with OEM standards for superior patient care.
Maintenance Room Render NFPA with TotalAlert Infinity notification system and MyMedGas screen

Emergency Call-Out Support

BeaconMedaes offers full MGPS support with emergency repairs, maintenance, and equipment rentals, serviced by skilled technicians to ensure optimal performance.
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