Lifecycle Management

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We offer a comprehensive maintenance and lifecycle management service through MyMedGas, a platform that meticulously records and tracks every aspect of a Medical Gas Pipeline System (MGPS). This holistic approach to managing MGPS assets enables effective, data-driven decision-making, allowing for early identification of potential issues such as parts obsolescence or the need for updates to comply with the latest codes in the event of renovations.

Within MyMedGas, each component of the MGPS—from source equipment to each terminal unit—is represented as a digital twin. This digital representation includes detailed information about the asset's location (area serviced), model, age, compliance level, parts availability, detailed service history, and current inspection status.

Benefits of MyMedGas for lifecycle management:

  • Facilitation of proactive, data-driven decisions by evaluating the age and health of pipeline systems.
  • Access to a complete history of maintenance, inspections, and repairs for each asset.
  • The ability to quickly identify and filter assets that do not comply with current medical gas code requirements, organized by product type or location within the facility.
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Document Library

Record keeping is an important part of maintaining a healthy system. The MyMedGas Document Library holds digital records of every visit report, manuals, drawings, compliance documents and many more. This enables access to all of your documents 24/7.

Asset History

An easy-to-view timeline displays every interaction with an asset, making it simple to identify which ones are "frequent flyers" and may require retrofitting, upgrading, or replacement. Additionally, you can quickly link to and access all digital reports mentioning a specific serial number, allowing for a deeper investigation into the root causes of any issues.

Campus Asset Book

Leveraging our integration and mapping capabilities, we can develop a detailed digital map of your facility that includes all assets linked to specific zones or areas served. This allows for quick filtering of sections downstream of particular pipework or identifying assets that require upgrades to comply with the latest codes.

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