Daily rounds

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The adherence to medical gas and vacuum standards often necessitates a maintenance protocol that includes visual inspections and recording of system parameters every day. Traditionally, these records have been maintained manually in logbooks within the plant room. However, the introduction of the TotalAlert 360 control system has transformed this practice by enabling digital capture and cloud storage of all relevant data points. This system requires the technician to authenticate with their credentials and select the "Daily Round" option, thereby synchronizing all necessary parameters to a report accessible in MyMedGas, which can be printed as needed.

Benefits of using TotalAlert 360 and MyMedGas for Daily Rounds:

  • Enhanced reporting transparency with detailed logs of date, time, user credentials, and actual parameters.
  • Significant time savings by eliminating the need for manual entry of each parameter. Technicians can verify parameters on-screen and initiate a "Daily Round" with a simple command.
  • Convenient access to view and reprint reports from any location, ensuring flexibility and ease of management.

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