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Customized and integrated medical gas supply

Our range of Medical Supply Units is specifically engineered to meet the dynamic needs of the healthcare industry, offering essential services for the management and delivery of central medical gas supply, electrical and data sockets and allowing space for a wide range of accessories. Thanks to the many configuration options, the Supply Units can be individually adapted to customer requirements. Whether it's for operating theaters, intensive care units, or patient rooms, our Medical Supply Units integrate seamlessly into your facility's infrastructure, supporting operational efficiency and superior patient care.

By choosing our solutions, healthcare facilities can benefit from reduced complexity, improved workflow, and compliance with international health and safety regulations.

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Main uses of Medical Supply Units in Healthcare environments

Medical Supply Units play a vital role in various healthcare settings by providing essential services to help with patient care and medical operation. Their uses include:

  • Patient Room: providing patient comfort and care by delivering the necessary medical gases, power, and data connections at the bedside.
  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU): Critical support for life-saving equipment and monitors, offering a stable supply of medical gases and electricity for high-dependency patients.
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU): Specialized care for the most vulnerable patients, supplying precise amounts of medical gases for neonatal ventilators and other critical neonatal care devices.
  • Emergency Room (ER): Providing rapid access to medical gases and power for urgent care procedures, enabling prompt response in emergency cases and trauma care.
  • Operating Theater: Essential for surgical procedures, offering integrated access to medical gases, electrical outlets, and data ports to support various types of surgical equipment and monitoring devices.

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