Laboratory Air

Optimize your research with our Laboratory Air Systems, providing clean, dry, and oil-free air essential for maintaining laboratory conditions.

Close-up shot of microscope with metal lens at laboratory.

A wide range of Laboratory Air solutions

Laboratory air plays an essential role in maintaining optimal conditions within research environments. Our Laboratory Air Systems are designed for high performance and easy maintenance. These systems ensure a stable environment in laboratories by supplying clean, dry, and oil-free air, which is crucial for safeguarding the integrity of scientific research. Additionally, remote monitoring features and alerts maintain system integrity, making these systems indispensable in modern laboratory settings.

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Enclosed Scroll Lab Air System

Our LES Enclosed Scroll Lab Air Systems deliver low-cost, high-quality air, perfect for point of use or central supply, with comprehensive service support.

Oil-less Scroll Lab Air System

The Oil-less Scroll Lab Air System features an advanced TotalAlert Embedded control system and a compact design, ideal for efficient, easy-maintenance air supply.

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