Medical Gas Equipment

Discover our wide range of customized medical gas pipeline solutions, including air, vacuum, oxygen and manifold systems, along with medical gas pipeline equipment.

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Medical Gas Pipeline Solutions for Healthcare Excellence

We offer a wide range of medical gas pipeline solutions, customized for the diverse needs of the healthcare industry. These include innovative medical air, vacuum, oxygen supply and manifold control systems. We also provide a complete range of medical gas pipeline equipment, medical gas supply units, and point-of-use products, that are designed to ensure operational excellence and safety in medical environments.

Explore how our state-of-the-art technologies and reliable solutions can enhance your healthcare facilities, providing exceptional support and efficiency to healthcare professionals and patients.

Continuous supply

We develop systems to guarantee a reliable, pure medical gas supply to support patient care. Our main priority is to always supply the patient.

Ergonomic design

We design our solutions to ensure the safety and ergonomics of healthcare personnel, improving performance and lowering injury hazards efficiently.

Sustainable & Cost-efficient

We deliver durable medical gas solutions that minimize costs and environmental impact, supporting sustainable practices.


Discover our portfolio

Medical Air

Empowering healthcare facilities with pure, reliable, and efficient Medical Air Systems.
Oil-Free Scroll Medical Air System TotalAlert360 Controller right angle

Medical Vacuum

A range of medical vacuum solutions designed for the healthcare industry.
Medical Claw Vacuum System with TotalAlert 360 controller front

Waste Anesthetic Gas Disposal

Manage waste gas efficiently with our innovative Anesthetic Gas Disposal Solutions, which are designed to create a secure hospital environment.
Halogenated Drug Recovery System (HDR) Sustainable Solution


Enhance medical gas supply with our reliable and safe Medical Gas Manifold Control Systems.
NFPA Automatic Changeover Medical High Pressure by High Pressure Manifold (Lifeline)

Pipeline Products

Equip your healthcare facility with the latest in medical gas pipeline equipment for enhanced safety and efficiency.
Total Alert Notification System Master Alarm Front view

Medical Supply Units

Ensure that everything you need for efficient operation is always conveniently accessible with our Medical Supply Units.
Manually Retractable Medical Ceiling Column

Point of use

Manage your medical gas supply directly to the patient with our Medical Point of Use products.
Medical Vacuum Suction Regulator front view

State-of-the-art services

BeaconMedaes is dedicated to enhancing patient care and safety through a well-maintained Medical Gas Pipeline System. We offer extensive services including initial setup and commissioning to proactive and predictive maintenance, lifecycle management, code compliance inspections, and even training and optimization, tailored to your specific needs. Our experienced Aftermarket division and service partners ensure smooth operation and efficiency at every stage.

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