Medical Air Systems

Empowering healthcare facilities with pure, reliable, and efficient Medical Air Systems.

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A wide range of medical air solutions

Our range of Medical Air Systems are designed and manufactured to meet the stringent demands of the healthcare industry, offering unmatched purity, reliability, and operational efficiency. 

Tailor made to fit your medical air needs

Choose a system that precisely matches your medical airflow needs, ensuring compliance with both your code and size specifications. Our solutions are customized to meet your requirements, featuring multiple configurations that include medical air compressors in various technologies, medical desiccant air dryers with air filters, an air receiver, and a smart central monitoring system.

Upholding the highest medical standards

Our systems adhere to the highest standards, they are designed and manufactured according to the ISO 13485 quality management system. By integrating our Medical Air Systems into your healthcare facility, you can enhance patient safety and ensure uninterrupted operations, all while maintaining compliance with industry regulations. 

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Medical Air Applications

Medical air serves a variety of applications, each vital to patient care and medical procedures. 

  • Mechanical Ventilation: Medical air is essential for operating mechanical ventilators that support patients unable to breathe on their own. It ensures a controlled and safe environment for respiratory assistance.

  • Anesthesia: In surgical settings, medical air is used as a carrier gas for anesthetic agents, helping to control the depth and duration of anesthesia during procedures.

  • Drug Delivery via a Nebuliser: Medical air powers nebulisers to aerosolize medications, allowing for efficient and direct lung delivery, especially crucial for respiratory conditions.


Surgical Air Applications  

Surgical air plays a crucial role in modern surgical environments, powering a range of essential equipment and processes.

  • Pneumatic Surgical Tools: Surgical air is vital for operating pneumatic tools used in surgery, such as drills and saws. These tools require a reliable and constant supply of air to perform precise cuts and modifications during various surgical procedures. Surgical air powers high-speed high torque motors found in specialized surgical instruments. These motors are crucial for procedures requiring precision and control, such as orthopedic surgeries where bone cutting and shaping are necessary.

  • Inflation of Surgical Devices: Certain surgical procedures require devices like balloons or cuffs to be inflated. Surgical air provides a sterile medium for inflation, ensuring the procedure is conducted safely without introducing contaminants.

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