Service Plans

Maintenance Room Render NFPA with TotalAlert Infinity notification system and MyMedGas screen

Tailored service plans for superior patient care

BeaconMedaes Service Plans are meticulously crafted, aligning with manufacturers' recommendations and industry best practices, to ensure the efficient operation of equipment with an unwavering commitment to the highest level of patient care. These plans are designed to collaborate closely with the equipment and its Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to tailor a preventative maintenance schedule that spans the desired timeframe. With an array of service levels ranging from basic parts plans to comprehensive coverage and extended warranties, BeaconMedaes offers solutions that integrate seamlessly into any facility's maintenance strategy.

Types of Service Plans

With multiple levels of service plans available we tailor one that will fit your operational needs and equipment.

What is included Parts Plan (PP) Preventative Maintenance (PM) Extended Warranty+ (EW+)
Genuine OEM parts and fluids
Available for BeaconMedaes equipment 

Available for non-BeaconMedaes equipment 

Shipping of parts to your site

Preventative maintenance at OEM's prescribed intervals by BeaconMedaes factory-trained and certified technicians

Testing/Inspections of your Medical Gas System to meet your code requirements (HTM, NFPA99 etc)
Options available
Options available
Corrective maintenance
Options available ✓ 
Machine warranty
5 years
Breakdown maintenance
Options available

Planned overhauls
Options available
Options available
MyMedGas Basic: Digital online records per asset

MyMedGas Care+: Connected devices with operational status dashboard showing the facilities assets, current operational status, alerts and event push notifications and proactive SmartEvents*
Options available

*Connectivity availability varies by equipment type and location (signal strength), for a complete list of connected services please contact BeaconMedaes with your machine information.

Benefits of choosing a Service Plan

  •  Preventative maintenance is a proven strategy to extend equipment life, significantly reducing the frequency, the cost and the risk of unscheduled repairs.
  •  Allocating the scheduling and execution of maintenance tasks to BeaconMedaes liberates valuable resources, allowing focus on other critical facility operations. 
  • BeaconMedaes employs factory-trained and certified technicians, ensuring equipment is maintained at peak operational efficiency.
  • Access to industry-leading reporting and analytics through MyMedGas empowers facilities with the insights needed for data-driven decision-making and effective management of Medical Gas Pipeline Systems (MGPS) lifecycles. 
  • Predictable pricing over extended periods aids in financial planning, safeguarding against unexpected costs. 
  • Technicians' cross-facility experience facilitates the sharing of best practices, enhancing overall operational standards.
  • Flexible contract durations and billing schedules (including monthly, quarterly, and annual options) are designed to accommodate diverse operational needs, ensuring mutually beneficial agreements.
  • Optional remote connectivity, leveraging AI and predictive algorithms, enhances service plans by forecasting potential service needs and addressing them proactively to minimize downtime.

Extended Warranty + Plan (EW+)

The Extended Warranty Plus (EW+) Plan offers the best of two worlds combining a full maintenance and service plan with the added protection of an extended warranty. 

  • Assurance that BeaconMedaes has all the maintenance and any unforeseen warrantable repairs covered.
  • MyMedGas Care+ for your asset and lifecycle management needs.
  • Connect your machines to the cloud for superior visibility and proactive SmartEvents.
  • Fix your operational costs without any repair surprises.

Preventative Maintenance Plan (PM)

The Preventative Maintenance (PM) Plan is customized to align with the unique requirements of your equipment, adhering to the maintenance guidelines recommended by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). This customization is achieved through the expertise of our skilled maintenance engineers and the exclusive use of genuine OEM parts, guaranteeing that your system remains in prime operational state.

  • Assurance that BeaconMedaes is diligently managing all scheduled maintenance tasks punctually, employing only OEM parts for reliability.
  • Flexibility to tailor features and payment plans to suit your specific needs.
collaboration beaconmedaes

Parts Plan (PP)

A Parts Plan ensures your maintenance parts are delivered on time allowing your maintenance personnel to carry out the tasks required using genuine OEM parts.

  • Ideal if you have your own maintenance team that can handle the onsite maintenance.
  • Genuine OEM parts to ensure your equipment is performing to the specifications.
Spare parts

BeaconMedaes Service Plans offer a foundation of standard features and benefits, yet provide the flexibility to be customized to meet the specific needs of each facility's equipment. For a detailed exploration of these plans or to initiate a consultation, BeaconMedaes invites inquiries for further information.

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