MedGasScan Leak Detection

MedGasScan Leak Detection On-site

Precise gas leak detection with MedGasScan

In healthcare settings, medical gas leaks can be encountered in various locations, including worn out terminal units, hoses, or control valves. The nature of these gases also poses a health and safety risk and negative impact on the environment if they are leaking to atmosphere. Our MedGasScan service offers a new way to detect ultrasonic sounds from various gas and vacuum leaks in hard to access areas.

How does it work?

Our acoustic camera equipped with 124 microphones generates a precise acoustic image of the leak. This image is overlaid in real-time onto a digital camera photo, enabling the visualization of the leak size and location. This process allows for the differentiation of relevant sound sources from background noise, with the capability to record and save these distinctions.

Upon completion of an inspection, we provide a detailed report, including the number of leaks detected, identification of the specific gases involved, and the estimated flow rate of each leak. Additionally, a digital image featuring a heat map is supplied to pinpoint the location and flow rate of each detected leak, facilitating targeted recovery efforts.

Benefits of the MedGasScan tool

  • Mitigates the risk of oxygen enrichment, ensuring a safer environment for both patients and healthcare providers.
  • Minimizes exposure to potentially harmful gases, including nitrous oxide (N2O), Entonox, and carbon dioxide (CO2), enhancing workplace safety.
  • Decreases operational costs through the reduction of total gas consumption, contributing to more efficient facility management.
  • Allows for the quantification of identified and rectified gas leaks, supporting facilities in achieving their sustainability objectives.
  • Reduces the frequency of gas deliveries and the associated labor of porters in exchanging empty cylinders, optimizing resource allocation and staff time.

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