Zone Valves and Valve Boxes

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Model Number Description Electrical Drawing Installation Drawing O & M Manual Service Manual
Zone Valves and Box Assemblies (door panel w/Biomaster)
  1 Valve - Zone Valve Box    
  2 Valve - Zone Valve Box
  3 Valve - Zone Valve Box
  4 Valve - Zone Valve Box
  5 Valve - Zone Valve Box
  6 Valve - Zone Valve Box
  7 Valve - Zone Valve Box
Combination Alarm Zone Valve Box
AZVB1  AZVB1 - Single Valve    
AZVB2  AZVB2 - Two Valve 
AZVB2  AZVB2 - Two Valve (with 2" Valve)
AZVB3  AZVB3 - Three Valve 
AZVB3  AZVB3 - Three Valve (with 2" Valve)
AZVB4  AZVB4 - Four Valve
AZBV5  AZBV5 - Five Valve
AZBV6 AZBV6 - Six Valve
AZBV7  AZBV7 - Seven Valve
Vertical Zone Valve Box 
  English Documentation    
Shut-off Valve Assemblies
  Shut-off Valve with Locking Handle, extensions, and dual gauge port    
Gas Valve Hang Tags
  Gas Valve Hang Tags (Set of 10 per gas)        
Information on reducing bacterial growth
  Biomaster Additive