Hose Assemblies and Accessories

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Model Number Description Specification Sheet General Assembly Drawing Pneumatic Drawing Sales Brochure
Hose Assemblies
  Gas specific hose assemblies    
  Gas specific fittings and adapters
  Gas specific hose assemblies for ceiling drops
  Heavy duty hose retractor, all pressure and vacuum service
  Series B Style Electrical ceiling drops
Gauges, Flexible Hoses and Line Regulators
  4-1/2" Steel-Case Gauge      
  Pressure Flex Hose
  Vacuum Flex Hose, Non-Braided
  Line Regulators
Seismic Flex Loop
  Bronze Seismic Flex Loop with extensions      
Wall Bracket
  Wall bracket assembly      
Dual Line Regulator Accessories
  DLRA400 Series      
  DLRA500 Series