Instrument Air

To meet the requirements of the Instrument Society of America

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What is Instrument Air?

Medical Instrument Air is compressed air purified to meet the requirements of the Instrument Society of America and NFPA as an alternative to Nitrogen. Equivalent to Nitrogen in pressure, dryness, and cleanliness, Instrument Air can support multiple medical applications including driving surgical tools, operating pneumatic brakes and tables, central sterile supply, and laboratory air.

HMI Touch Screen Display

All BeaconMedæs Instrument Air systems feature full-color HMI touch-screen display panels. Additional features include display screens showing service due warnings, a downloadable alarm and service history log, a system maintenance schedule, and multiple trend graphs for pressure and dew point.

Complete Source for Instrument Air Systems

Let a BeaconMedæs representative analyze your current needs and recommend the best medical support gas application for you. With multiple compressor configurations and necessary pipeline components, BeaconMedæs can save you money right away.