Medical Vacuum Systems

A range of medical vacuum solutions designed for the healthcare industry.

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Highly reliable source of vacuum

Medical vacuum systems are essential, offering dependable suction capabilities for a broad spectrum of clinical needs, predominantly within operating theaters, intensive care units, emergency rooms, and respiratory therapy departments. Our vacuum systems are meticulously engineered to ensure consistent and reliable performance, critical for the diverse applications they support in these high-stakes environments.

A configuration to fit your requirements

Choose from a variety of sizes and configurations to meet your specific standards and size criteria. Our Medical Vacuum Systems are designed in a modular way featuring innovative medical vacuum pumps available in various technologies, equipped with medical vacuum filters and a smart central monitoring system for optimal performance.

Upholding the highest medical standards

Our systems are committed to the highest level of excellence, meticulously designed and manufactured in accordance with the ISO 13485 quality management system. Integrating our Medical Vacuum Systems into your healthcare facility not only enhances patient safety but also guarantees seamless operations. This commitment to strict standards ensures you remain in full compliance with industry regulations, setting a benchmark for quality and reliability in patient care.

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HTM standard

Medical vacuum applications

Medical vacuum serves a variety of applications, offering critical support to enhance patient care and safety:

  • Wound Drainage: Medical vacuum systems provide crucial support in managing wound care by efficiently removing fluids and exudates from open wounds. 

  • Assisted Wound Closure: In procedures requiring precise wound closure, vacuum systems can aid by gently bringing edges together under controlled suction. 

  • Chest and Lung Drainage: Vacuum systems play a critical role for individuals with pleural effusions or pneumothorax by securely extracting air or fluids from the pleural space.

  • Collection of Other Bodily Fluids: Vacuum systems are essential for the removal of various bodily fluids that may accumulate during or after surgery.

  • Gastric Emptying: Vacuum technology assists in gastric emptying procedures, where it is necessary to remove gastric contents due to blockages or surgical interventions.

  • Cleaning Endotracheal Tubes: Medical vacuum provides a reliable method for removing secretions and debris, maintaining airway openness and supporting respiratory function while ventilating patients.

  • Liposuction (Lipoplasty): Medical vacuum is used in cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries to remove excess fat deposits through liposuction. This application requires precise control of suction to ensure effective removal.

  • Removal of Excess Blood During Surgery: Medical vacuum plays a critical role in the removal of excess blood, allowing surgeons to operate with greater visibility and precision.

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