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Enhance medical gas supply with our reliable and safe Medical Gas Manifold Control Systems.

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Continuous and safe medical gas supply

Our Medical Gas Manifolds provide reliable and high-quality performance in healthcare environments. These systems, including Automatic Changeover Manifold Systems, play a critical role in ensuring consistent and safe delivery of medical gases to different hospital environments. These systems are essential for many medical uses, from anesthesia in operating rooms to oxygen therapy in patient care units. Our manifolds can be easily integrated into your hospital's existing medical gas supply system, effectively and securely managing your gas flow and pressure. By managing the pressure and flow from high-pressure gas cylinders to patient administration and surgical procedures, they not only uphold the functionality, but each manifold is also designed with safety and durability in mind.

Maintaining the best medical practices

Our Manifold Control Systems are designed with precision and manufactured in accordance with the ISO 13485 quality management system. This dedication to high standards helps you stay fully compliant with industry regulations, establishing a standard for quality and reliability in patient care. Through features such as dome-loaded regulators, leak prevention technologies and environmental adaptability, medical gas manifolds provide a seamless, efficient, and fail-safe gas supply, proving indispensable for the delivery of quality healthcare.

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Essential medical gases supplied by our Manifold

Each gas plays a unique role in healthcare settings, from supporting life to facilitating medical procedures. The gases supplied via our medical gas manifolds include:

  • Oxygen: Vital for respiratory support and therapeutic use.
  • Nitrous Oxide: Used as an analgesic and as part of anesthesia.
  • O2/N2O 50/50: A pre-mixed blend for pain management and anesthesia.
  • Medical Air:¬†Used for patient ventilation and nebulization.
  • Carbon Dioxide: Utilized in minimally invasive surgeries for insufflation and respiratory stimulation tests.
  • Nitrogen: Often used in cryosurgery and to power pneumatic surgical instruments.
  • Surgical/Instrument Air: Used for driving surgical tools.

These gases, supplied through our manifolds, are integral to the functionality and efficiency of medical treatments, ensuring healthcare facilities can provide the highest standards of patient care.

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