Zone Service Units - ZSU2

Emergency access provides added security in critical care areas

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Intuitive design

Transparent plastic window for intuitive, reliable, and safe emergency access

Unhindered access

Easy unhindered access with a simple ring pull

Elimination of dust traps

Two piece, two tone plastic curved door panel including concealed hinges which removes the dust trap associated with exposed external hinges

The most reliable Zone Service Unit

The ZSU2 Zone Service Unit used in both Medizone and Wallzone Area Valve Service Unit modules provides a zone isolation facility, for use either in an emergency or for maintenance purposes. It also provides a physical breakpoint to allow work to be safely carried out on the pipeline. NIST connections are positioned both up and down stream of the valve. These enable the facility to connect cylinder trolleys in the event of emergency, maintaining gas supply to the patient. 


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Zone Service Units

  ZSU2 - Zone Service Units