Anaesthetic Gas Scavenging System - AGSS

Eliminate health hazards to frontline medical staff

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Quick on-site installation

Accessible mounting holes on the skid mounted system accompanied by interconnecting copper pipework provides an easy-to-install compact solution.

Assured reliability

The robust pumps on the system come factory pre-piped, wired and tested.

Clear status indication

Through its easy-to-read vacuum gauge you can monitor an accurate readout of the vacuum level in your pipeline.

BeaconMedaes Anaesthetic Gas Scavenging System

The Anaesthetic Gas Scavenging System removes anesthetic gas mixtures in areas fitted with nitrous oxide terminal units like operating rooms. By virtue of its design, the active disposal system can produce high capture levels simply by connecting the terminal unit to the anesthetic breathing circuit via a receiver unit. This removal at the source eliminates the possible long term health hazards for the exposed medical staff. 


Duplex or Simplex?

Where planned preventative maintenance or a breakdown of a blower could interrupt the smooth running of the operating department, a duplex system is strongly recommended. In the event of a blower malfunction, the stand-by unit is automatically brought online, ensuring the AGS system continues to provide protection for medical staff, and that operations do not have to be delayed or cancelled. 


Simplex systems are allowed. However, HTM02-01 states that wherever a single AGS pump is provided for a single operating suite, a spare pump for up to six units should be provided for immediate connection into the system in the event of failure. 

anaesthetic gas scavenging system AGS AGSS duplex angle
AGS 260S simplex angle anaesthetic gas scavenging

Designed to exceed the standard

Our AGS system is compatible with any AGS receiver unit (available separately). BeaconMedæs terminal units incorporate an adjustable orifice, which enables the flow rate to be adjusted in line with any standard including BS 6834 and EN ISO 7396-2 high-flow and low-flow systems. 

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Anaesthetic Gas Scavenging System

  AGSS Simplex & Duplex Systems