Liquid Oxygen (LOX) Storage Tank

Vacuum-insulated pressure vessels for storage of liquid oxygen

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Save oxygen

Our Liquid Oxygen tanks are fitted with an economizer function – an automatic regulation system that helps maintain the working pressure and minimises losses in case of lower withdrawal rates

Extensively tested

The density of the welding seams is subjected to a leakage test with helium, which secures long-term durability of the vacuum

Durable engineering

A molecular sieve that is added in between the inner and outer vessel ensures by means of absorption, the improvement and long-term stability of the vacuum during the operation of the tank

Storing your liquid oxygen

Liquid Oxygen (LOX) tanks are stationary, vacuum-insulated pressure vessels that consist of an inner and an outer pressure vessel. The inner vessel is designed for the storage of low-temperature, liquefied oxygen. The space between the inner and outer vessel is evacuated up to a pressure of below 50 microns.

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Liquid Oxygen Storage Tank

  Bulk Liquid Oxygen Tank
  Automatic Changeover Manifold