Medical Gas Valves

Manage the distribution of gases efficiently, ensuring patient safety, with Medical Gas Valves

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Manage gas distribution efficiently, ensuring patient safety

Medical Gas Valves are essential components in the Medical Gas Pipeline System (MGPS) in healthcare facilities, ensuring the safe and controlled delivery of gases used for patient care and surgical procedures. These valves serve a critical role in managing the distribution of medical gases like oxygen, nitrous oxide, medical air and vacuum mainly to operating theaters, ICU’s and patient rooms.

Their primary function is to enable the isolation of gas flow in specific areas, allowing maintenance or emergency intervention without disrupting the entire system. This capability is vital for ensuring patient safety, particularly in emergencies like fire outbreaks where the rapid shut-down of gas supply can prevent the spread of fire, minimizing damage and safeguarding both patients and hospital infrastructure.

 They are built to comply to strict safety, reliability, and purity standards to ensure that the gases they distribute are not contaminated and delivered at the correct pressure and flow rate.


Medical Gas Valves comply to stringent healthcare regulations and standards to ensure the highest level of safety, efficiency and reliability in medical gas delivery and management. These components are designed and manufactured in compliance with key healthcare standards such as HTM 02-01, BS EN ISO 7396-1, HTM 2022, and NFPA 99. Through features like lockable NIST connections, emergency access mechanisms and the use of specific materials such as, seals for enhanced gas tightness, these components exemplify commitment to meeting and exceeding industry standards, thereby ensuring optimal performance and safety in healthcare settings.

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Vertical Zone Valve Box

Explore the Vertical Zone Valve Box, designed to save over 50% wall space in critical care with its vertical piping. Fits easily between standard studs.
Vertical Zone Valve Box front


Combination Alarm Zone Valve Box

Discover the Combination Alarm Zone Valve Box, a dual-function unit that simplifies medical gas management and enhances safety in healthcare settings.
Combination Zone Valve Box


Horizontal Zone Valve Box

Discover the Horizontal Zone Valve Box, blending modern aesthetics with functionality, featuring large, color-coded labels for easy gas identification.
Horizontal Zone Valve Box right angle


Line Ball Valves

Explore our dual port shut-off valve: a durable, easy-to-use solution with a three-piece brass body and chrome-plated ball, supporting up to 600 psig.
Ball Valves


Emergency Oxygen Supply Connection Assembly

Discover our emergency oxygen inlets with a three-piece ball valve and pressure gauge in a weather-tight enclosure for reliable auxiliary connections.
Emergency Oxyen Inlets

Main roles of Medical Gas Valves

  • Emergency shut-off: In the event of a leak or another emergency, certain medical gas valves can quickly shut off the gas supply to avert potential hazards.
  • External gas source Connection: Equipped with NIST connectors or ports, these valves can attach external gas sources or devices for monitoring, testing, or emergency gas supply, enhancing the system flexibility and reliability
  • Maintenance and inspection: By isolating sections of the pipeline, valves enable routine and emergency maintenance without affecting the entire pipeline system
  • Prevent contamination: Medical Gas Check Valves are designed to prevent backflow and contamination of the gas supply. This is essential for maintaining the purity of medical gases, which must be free from contaminants to ensure patient safety.
  • Gas supply management: Medical Gas Valves are used to ensure proper distribution and availability of medical gases throughout the hospital.  The valves in combination with the medical gas alarms ensure the proper delivery of medical gases to the patients during surgical procedures.

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