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Deliver medical gases safely and efficiently with our Medical Gas Pipeline System (MGPS) Components.

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Reliable delivery and management of medical gas supply

Our Medical Gas Pipeline System (MGPS) Components are integral part of the Medical Gas Pipeline systems and are made for healthcare facilities according to the required medical standards, ensuring safe, reliable and efficient control and distribution of medical gases to healthcare facilities. Key to this system are the hoses, pipes, and fittings, each meticulously designed and manufactured to meet the highest standards of safety, reliability, and compliance. 

Main uses of MGPS Components in healthcare environments

MGPS components are essential for connecting the medical gas source to the supply units within the pipeline system. Serving as the crucial midstream link, these components ensure efficient gas distribution to patient environments.

From headers, racks, and pigtails that facilitate cylinder connections to the manifold, to the copper pipes and fittings used in constructing pipeline systems in healthcare facilities, all components comply with medical standards, ensuring reliability and safety.

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Hose Assemblies and Accessories

Explore our Medical Gas Hose Assemblies: color-coded, BS EN ISO 5359 compliant, with secure NIST connections for reliable medical gas delivery.
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