Medical Gas Outlets

Ensure patient safety and care efficiency through high-quality medical gas delivery systems.

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Reliable gas delivery, enhanced patient care

Medical gas outlets are the cornerstone in patient care, ensuring reliable and safe supply of medical gases to patients and medical equipment. Outlets connected to a hospital's gas supply system, enables the delivery of oxygen, anesthetic gas, vacuum and medical air, all vital for patient care. They play an important role in providing essential respiratory support, facilitating surgical procedures and enabling critical care interventions. Each outlet features unique configurations to prevent the wrong gas connection, with built-in valves to avoid leaks, ensuring reliability and safety in delivering patient care.

At BeaconMedaes, we're committed to providing healthcare facilities with medical gas outlets that meet the highest standards of safety, efficiency, and compliance, supporting caregivers in delivering exceptional patient care.

Ensuring Safety and Compliance

The design and installation of medical gas outlets adhere to strict standards and regulations to ensure safety. Gas specific connectors prevent cross-contamination of gases and ensure compatibility with medical devices. BeaconMedaes outlets are designed to meet stringent international standards, ensuring fully compliancy and are suitable for a wide range of health care settings. Their critical role in patient care underlines the importance of regular maintenance and inspection to uphold their functionality and reliability. The outlets undergo rigorous testing of flow pressure, avoiding leaks and connector attachment, guaranteeing the reliability and safety in medical environments.

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GEM Shield Medical Gas Outlet

Gem Shield BS Medical Gas Outlets provide reliable, safe delivery of medical gases in hospitals, supporting critical patient care devices.
GEM Shield DIN outlet front view


Zeus SP Medical Gas Outlet

Zeus SP Medical Gas Outlets ensure safe, efficient medical gas delivery, crucial for connecting patient care equipment in healthcare facilities.
Zeus SP outlet front view


East SP Medical Gas Outlet

East SP Medical Gas Outlets ensure safe, reliable medical gas delivery in hospitals, securely connecting equipment to the central supply.
East SP outlet front view

Medical Gas Outlets Applications

Medical Gas Outlets have multiple applications within healthcare facilities, highlighting their versatility and crucial role in patient care. Outlets serve as connection points for suction and oxygen therapy devices, anesthesia equipment and surgical tools, utilizing specific probes for connection.

Positioned downstream in the medical gas pipeline system, these outlets are installed in several key locations including walls, headwalls, bedhead units, ceiling columns, and pendants in the following areas within health care facilities:

  • Hospital Wings and ICUs: They provide critical oxygen and air delivery to patients requiring life support and respiratory assistance.
  • Operating Rooms: These outlets are vital for administering anesthetic gases and oxygen during surgeries and are integral to patient anesthesia management. They also supply the necessary gases for operating surgical instruments.
  • Emergency Rooms: In life-threatening situations, the outlets offer immediate access to vital medical gases, enabling swift response to patient emergencies.
  • Recovery Rooms: Post-surgery, the outlets play a key role in patient recovery by supplying oxygen and facilitating the removal of surgical gases and fluids through vacuum supply.
  • Dental Clinics: Specialized outlets deliver nitrous oxide for sedation, improving patient comfort during dental procedures.

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