Interview Phil Eggers for the 20th anniversary of BeaconMedaes

For the special occasion of our 20th anniversary, we asked Phil Eggers, a ‘Beacon’ colleague to do an interview about the past 20 years.

Phil Eggers profile picture

Phil Eggers started in 1999 as Service Manager at 'Beacon', before the time Beacon and Medaes merged to BeaconMedaes.

What initially attracted you to join our company, and how has the company’s mission or culture evolved over the years?

I was acquired via the Beacon Medical Products (BMP) acquisition of Medical Air Pumps, but I had been in the medical gas business for years prior to this acquisition. I have a great feeling of helping others by my work in the Medical Gas Business. Our medical gas equipment helps to save lives. Our mission has always been to provide the best-in-class equipment for this mission critical role and to provide unparalleled support for that equipment, which is how we’ve grown to become one of the largest medical gas companies in the US.

Can you share some of your most significant milestones (or changes) you’ve witnessed during your two decades with the company, and how did this impact your role and the organization as a whole?

I was first a Beacon Medical products service manager. We initially had 8 service technicians that covered the entire US. We grew the business to about 24 service technicians when BMP acquired the Medaes division of Hill-Rom, at the time our leading competitor in the industry, which increased our market share a great deal. It also doubled the size of our service organization, elevating BeaconMedaes to the status of the largest medical gas service rganization in the country. The service group grew to 4 regions with a regional service manager for each territory.

Reflecting on your long tenure here, could you highlight your proudest achievements to the company’s success?

My proudest achievement was leading the service organization’s growth during my tenure as service manager. We began with 8 service technicians and grew to well over 40.

Hospitals were overwhelmed, had high medical gas use, and demanded our equipment and services. We had to step up to meet this demand, even with the apparent risks.

Phil Eggers , Service Manager

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, what are some key challenges you’ve encountered over the years, and how you and your teams adapted to address them while maintaining a high standard of patient care?

One key challenge was servicing customers during the Covid Pandemic. Hospitals were overwhelmed, had high medical gas use, and demanded our equipment and services. We had to step up to meet this demand, even with the apparent risks. We were considered ‘essential workers’, so we continued to work during this time. Our in-house technical support continued to work every day in our office. Our field service technicians stepped up to serve our customers every day in the field.

During this time, entrance to healthcare facilities was challenging and the facilities enhanced safety and security protocols. The technicians were required to have inoculations and wear additional protective devices. We continued to serve like no other organization in the US, which is why healthcare facilities choose BeaconMedaes products.

Throughout your 20 years, you must have worked with various teams and colleagues. Can you share some memorable experiences or collaborations that have had a lasting impact on you and the company’s growth?

I have had many opportunities over the years to collaborate with engineering on new product development. Thanks to Atlas Copco Group’s process for product development, service has been included in these projects, which has not only benefited the service organization by creating products that can more easily be serviced but benefited the customer as well with longer lasting products.