VIE Panel - Vacuum Insulated Evaporator Control Panel

Continuous and uninterrupted oxygen flow from a liquid storage tank

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Medical Compliance

Our VIE Control Panels are complying with UK DoH Health Technical Memorandum No. 2022 or 02-01 and BS EN ISO 7396-1

Reliable and safe

All components are degreased for oxygen use to avoid any fire risks. Regulators are of the non-relieving type and are rated up to 28 bar

Continuous monitoring

The VIE Control Panels are fitted with pressure switches to continuously monitor the inlet and line pressure

A secure oxygen supply

Vacuum Insulated Evaporator Control Panels are available in a duplex configuration, with one standby and one duty regulator set. Our VIE Control Panel is designed to accept a supply of gaseous oxygen from the VIE at 10.5 bar or from the standby manifold at 8.5 bar and to reduce the pressure to a nominal 4.2 bar pipeline distribution system pressure.