MAT-S Automatic Medical Gas Manifold

Secure the reliability of your medical gas supply

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Low operation & maintenance cost

Moving from changing regulators to servicing of regulators.

High utilization & uptime

Optimum cylinder utilization and zero down time by individually service gas regulators without interruption of gas flow.

Smart and intelligent

Easy to use and highly responsive by the 7” LCD color display, capacitive touchscreen and intuitive user interface.

For a healthcare facility, a constant supply of medical gases is of critical importance to ensure safe, quality patient care. That is why we designed the new MAT-S Automatic Medical Gas Manifold System to deliver superior reliability. The medical gas manifold offers a higher utilization rate and uptime, so you can use it more frequently and for longer periods of time. In addition, its smart features make it easy and efficient to operate. 

Proven manifold engineering

Global features

1.    Dome-loaded forged regulators

The dome bias regulator helps reduce connections by 50% and therefore the risk of leakages. Also, the pressure for a 4.0 bar manifold is improved to 10.4 bar. This allows you to save on operational costs. 

2.    Built-in Smartbox

A Smartbox is included as standard to allow real-time remote monitoring and reporting of the functioning of the manifold. It offers push notifications and access to device details wherever you are.

3.    New smart digital controller

MAT-S is powered by a smart operating system. The controller features a 7” touch screen color display with a simple, clean and easy-to-use interface. MAT-S offers flow and pressure trend visualization, so you can track your gas supply and plan cylinder refills accordingly. It allows you to analyze and understand your gas consumption patterns and identify areas where you can make more efficient use of your gas supplies.

HTM only

1.    Built-in test terminal unit

A medical gas manifold terminal unit is built in for quick, easy and cost-efficient gas purity and other testing. It removes the need for the on-site installation of terminal units, copper pipes, brazing and testing.

2.    Individual service valves

MAT-S has individual service valves after each bank (1st stage) and line (2nd stage) regulators. Each regulator can be isolated for maintenance without disrupting the gas supply to patients.

3.    Integrated non-return valve

An integrated non-return valve along with a lockable valve ensure compliance with HTM standards and maximum safety.

NFPA MAT-S Automatic Medical Gas Manifold

HTM MAT-S Automatic Medical Gas Manifold


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MAT-S Automatic Manifold Changeover System

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