Oil injected Screw VSD+ Medical Air Systems

Modular design providing maximum flexibility for easy on-site installation

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Oil-injected Rotary Screw Medical Air Compressor with Variable Speed Drive - GA VSD+ MED

Reduce your compressor footprint by 50%. Combined with an essential 50% energy saving, our VSD+ with iPM motor. Makes it the compact and energy saving compressor solution


Pharmacopoeia Compliant

Through six stages of active purification the dMED converts compressed air into Pharmacopoeia compliant medical air

Fitted for Medical applications

Our HTM compliant Medical Air Compressors have updated software, are factory fitted with a main switch, an ammeter, a LAN/Local switch, an aftercooler temperature sensor and fail-to-go-on-load switch

Compact medical compressor solutions

The vertical arrangement of compressor element and drive train in our GA VSD+ MED, opens up valuable floor space in your medical facility

Pre-certified Systems

Designed and manufactured according to the ISO 13485 quality management system and are CE certified in accordance with MDD 93/42/EEC

Medical Air Compressor Solutions

Medical Oil-injected Rotary Screw Compressor GA MED

Medical Compressor with Fixed Speed Drive Our oil-injected screw compressor range ensures a long and trouble-free life at the lowest operation cost, each GA MED contains the latest generation of our innovative oil-injected screw element. Our Medical Air Systems are designed to meet and exceed the stringent requirements of the ISO7396 or the HTM02-01 standards. Offering a risk-free continuous operation in combination with our central control system.
Medical Oil-injected Rotary Screw Compressor GA VSD+ MED

Medical Compressor with Variable Speed Drive Experience our most energy efficient systems using GA VSD+ MED Medical Oil-injected Rotary Screw Compressor. With its innovative vertical design, the GA-MED VSD+ brings a game-changing revolution in the oil-injected compressed air market. It offers Variable Speed Drive as standard, a compact motor and footprint thanks to its in-house design and iPM (Permanent Magnet) technology. Reduces energy consumption by on average 50%, with up times assured even in the harshest operational conditions. And all this at extremely low noise levels, as low as 62dB(A).

Medical Grade Air Purifier

BeaconMedaes Medical Air purification module

In combination with our dMED medical air purification module, oil-injected screw air systems deliver medical air in compliance to the European Pharmacopoeia. The dMED comes pre-piped and wired in a fully duplexed package. It has a six-step purification process with a Hopcalite option that provides European Pharmacopeia compliant medical air. It is designed and manufactured according to the ISO 13485 Quality Management System. 

The purifiers comply with HTM 02-01/HTM 20-22 and are CE certified in accordance with the Medical Device Directive MDD 93/42/EEC.This pre-certification simplifies the organisation and inspection by regulatory bodies, saving the hospital time and money and reducing the risk of a rework of the system to satisfy requirements.

Our valued dMED Medical Air Purifier has been transformed. Through clever product positioning and compact dryer design. We free up to 65% of premium space at your hospital

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Medical Air System

  Oil injected Rotary Screw Medical Air System 50Hz
  Oil injected Rotary Screw Medical Air System 60Hz