Zone Valves and Valve Boxes

The Fight Against Infectious Disease

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Partnering with Healthcare Facilities to Help Solve Their Challenges

Our advanced Zone Valve Box provides the perfect solution for Hospitals in the fight against infectious disease.

Sensors can be easily mounted in the assembly, allowing for quick access and reducing the need to open ceiling tiles, which could potentially release dust spores and other bacteria into the facility. The durable polycarbonate window is treated with Biomaster, an additive that has been proven to inhibit bacterial growth (Disclaimer: Use of this product does not protect user from disease-bearing and food-borne pathogens).

Superior Design

  • Easy and quick gas sensor installation, for sensor location and identification
  • Up to seven valves can be configured within a single rough-in box, reducing installation time.
  • Three 1/8” brass NPT ports: One allows for purging during the brazing process upstream of valve, one allows for connection of the sensor to the valve, and the third allows for connection of the gauge to the valve.
  • Nylon 6/6 insulated grommets simplify valve replacement and reorientation within the rough-in box.
  • The Zone Valve Box assembly meets all requirements of NFPA 99, CAN/CSA Z7396.1-09 and AS2896 2011.
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