Combination Zone Valve Box Alarm Nurse Station

Gain Versatility with the 2 in 1 Alarm Panel Zone Valve Box

Convenient & streamlined installation options save wall space and installation time while increasing safety during an emergency.

Reduce Installation Time by 50%

The BeaconMedaes alarm zone valve box saves wall space and installation time by conveniently combining an area alarm and horizontal zone valve box into one unit, essentially eliminating the installation of an entire area alarm unit.

Space Saving Design

Combining the alarm and zone valve box eliminates the need to install separate rough-in boxes, which saves wall space and provides more flexibility during the design phase of a project. 

Service & Maintenance


Space Saving Design


More documentation and specifications on our combination alarm zone valve box can be found here:


Antimicrobial Protection

Service-Friendly Three Port Valves

Durable Design Solution

7" Touch Screen LCD Display

Flexible Sizing

Quick-Onsite Installation

While installing medical gas pipelines, every installed equipment costs valuable installation time and money. By combining two pieces of equipment into one, installation time is heavily reduced, as no build-out is required for an additional alarm box.  

Combo alarm zone valve box

With three ports on each valve, alarm sensors easily mount within the valve box, which eliminates the need for sensor installations in the ceiling or costly piping to the alarm panel, further reducing installation time and money.

Installation time is heavily reduced as there is only one box to install


Highest standards of certification

At BeaconMedaes we design our products and solutions to comply with the highest standards. Our Combination Alarm  Zone Valve Box meets the following standards:

  • MSS SP-110 
  • CGA G-4.1 
  • ANSI B40.1 
  • ASTM B88, UNS No. C12200 and H58 temper
  • ISO 22196:2011 
  • NFPA 99

At BeaconMedaes we understand the value of bringing the right solutions to meet customer needs, and exceed them by offering products designed to save space, decrease installation time and material, and the overall cost associated with installation.