Suction and Oxygen Therapy (SOT)

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SOT suction and oxygen therapy

Suction Regulators built to last

Our suction regulators are built for demanding environments with quality and performance you can always expect from BeaconMedæs. We offer suction regulators in various modes of operation and medical gas flowmeters for infants, toddlers, and adults. 

Meets FDA, ISO and HCA requirements (CE option available)

  • Full line of regulator models including Adult, Pediatric, Neonate, and Surgical
  • Available in both Intermittent and Continuous models
  • Flexible, yet durable ABS polymer plastic casing can withstand the toughest environments
  • Removable backplate allows for easy cleaning and serviceability
  • Lightweight design reduces stress on medical gas outlets
  • Upgradeability features 
  • Easy to operate 

Flowmeters for any application

Our Thorpe, or tube style, flowmeters are in a class by themselves. Constructed to meet industry demands, BeaconMedæs offers the best value in the market. Our flowmeters are built for demanding environments with the quality and performance you can always expect from BeaconMedæs.

Full line of flowmeters to meet the flow rates for any age group, including infants, babies and toddlers, and adults

Small and lightweight

Color-coded labeling for ease of gas identification

Thorpe Style flowmeters are chrome plated, brass bodied

Wide range of Suction and Oxygen Therapy

All popular outlet keying styles and equipment connections are available

Meets FDA, ISO and HCA requirements

The suction and oxygen therapy line is built to worldwide standards such as FDA, HSA, and HCA. CE is also available.

Most popular versions are listed here, and information for other configurations may be obtained through your BeaconMedaes representative or at 1-888 4 MEDGAS (463 3427).


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Flowmeters and Suction Regulators

  Pediatric & Neonatal Flowmeter
  Continuous/intermittent Vacuum Regulator - Digital & Analog
  Continuous Vacuum Regulator - Digital & Analog

Suction and Oxygen Therapy (SOT)

  SOT Accessories