Magnis MSV Rotary Screw Vacuum Systems

Offers Large, Energy Efficient Vacuum Service for Medical and Laboratory Applications

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Large Vacuum Applications

  • Graphic controllers on each vacuum pump and a master unit efficiently controls multiple pumps as a single system
  • Centralized approach ideal for laboratories and large medical applications
  • With capability of producing up to 29inHg, ideal for laboratory applications requiring deep vacuum
  • Smart control of the system maximizes energy savings and reduces operating costs
  • Reliable, Efficient Screw Technology

  • Premium, best-in-class components offer increased reliability and peace of mind for both medical and laboratory applications
  • Oil separator designed for highly efficient oil coalescing with ultra-low back pressure means less energy consumption and a longer oil separator life
  • Inlet control valve provides modulating vacuum control in conjunction with Variable Speed Drive (VSD) drive technology to minimize energy consumption
  • Variable Speed Drive

    The MSV Medical Vacuum System features Variable Speed Drive (VSD) technology with each pump, matching vacuum motor speed to vacuum demand:

  • Vacuum level consistency
  • Greater energy efficiency
  • Longer machine life
  • Reduced noise and heat
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