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Protect your maintenance technicians and the environment from potentially harmful contaminants in the medical vacuum stream.  The inlet filters can capture the contaminants before getting to the vacuum pump and exhaust line.


Kits available for all Claw medical vacuum systems: vertical configurations, single point connections, and modular systems, from 2 Hp through 15 Hp.

Easy Installation

Easily replace the existing Claw vacuum inlet air filter with a new HEPA filter canister and filter element.  The kits include the glass collection flask along with all tubing and mounting components.

NFPA 99 Code Compliance

NFPA 99 code requires that medical vacuum systems contain inlet air filters meeting HEPA standards of 99.97% efficiency at 0.3 micron or better.  The HEPA filter kits quickly bring your medical vacuum system up to code compliance.



More documentation and specifications on our HEPA Inlet Filter Kits for Claw Vacuum Systems can be found here:

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