Medical Vacuum Claw Retrofit

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Manufactured in the USA, BeaconMedaes vacuum packages are readily available. Packages range from 2-15 HP. 

Pump packages are offered fully assembled, with durable drive motors ranging from 2 to 15 HP.

Reliable, Peace of Mind

Our Claw Medical Vacuum Package has been redesigned to provide the best service possible.BeaconMedaes offers a comprehensive, two-year replacement warranty on all pump packages.

Long Term Efficiency

Save money on power with the Claw Vacuum Pumps. High-efficiency motors cut down on the amount of water or oil needed in the compression flow. As each pump is air-cooled, water is no longer needed for cooling or sealing, cutting operation costs. 

Designed using cutting-edge Medical Vacuum Pump Claw Technology, the high-efficiency motors are built to last.



Easy to Install

Long Term Efficiency

Long Operation

Low Maintenance Cost

Easy to Install

All necessary hardware and piping are included with delivery. Pump and motor protection comply with applicable codes.

Compact Modular Design

To fit any space requirement, all our packages have a small foot print and low vertical silhouette, eliminating the need for disassembly.

The package’s small footprint and modular design allow for a quiet and vibration-free operation.


BeaconMedaes products are supported by the largest service team in the industry.

To find a trained service specialist in your area, please see our Sales and Service Directory.

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