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A structured set or requests/responses that allow devices from many different vendors to exchange data with a central gathering server. Utilizes UDP communication for Building Management.

Building Automation and Control Network

Activate BACnet to Source Equipment

BeaconMedæs is a registered supplier of BACnet devices. The BeaconMedæs TotalAlert Embedded control systems utilize the TCP/IP family of protocols for communication and each device has a unique IP address. Each BACnet enabled TotalAlert Embedded device conforms to the BACnet protocol.

Ethernet Connectivity with Embedded Web Page

A Built-in web server allows a remote operator to view system controls and display information. Web page provided to show links to other devices on the TotalAlert Embedded network, including alarms and other source equipment.  Ethernet communication is compatible with TotalAlert and TotalAlert2 alarm systems.

Activate BACnet to TotalAlert Infinity Alarm

Through the TotalAlert network, TotalAlert Infinity™ allows a facility’s medical gas equipment to be monitored 24/7 from one central location. Alarm events from enrolled devices are displayed on web pages. 

TotalAlert Infinity™ includes BACNet over Ethernet capability for connections to any Building Management System.

24/7 Monitoring

An on-board event log captures all alarm events occurring on devices enrolled in the TotalAlert network and saves the information on the TotalAlert Infinity alarm panel and communicates the information via E-mail. The data can be easily downloaded and printed for reporting and troubleshooting.

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