Medical Claw Vacuum Systems - O2 Assured

Uniquely Available for Oxygen and WAGD Service

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The Most Efficient Vacuum Technology Available

The BeaconMedæs Claw Vacuum System utilizes a dry, frictionless, multi-claw technology. The rotors (claw) spin in opposite directions, synchronized via precision gears, creating a highly efficient vacuum system. The rotors never contact the housing or each other, which removes the need for any lubricant or sealing fluid inside the pumping chamber.

Low Maintenance

Due to the contact-less operation, the only maintenance is a simple matter of replacing the gear lube and changing an inlet filter annually.

Safe Choice for Waste Anesthesia Service

The Claw is uniquely available for oxygen and WAGD service. We label it “O2 Assured” and guarantee that it will safely operate under high oxygen concentration.