Oil-free Scroll Medical Air Systems

Our scroll medical air systems are a result of decades of experience in medical air design and manufacturing

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The Next Generation of Medical Air Supply

As the leader in medical air design and manufacturing, BeaconMedæs introduces the Scroll medical air package. The redesigned Scroll medical air package is in a class of its own. State of the art TotalAlert™ Embedded controls are the most visible part of the new medical air system.


Service & Maintenance


Total Alert Embedded


Constant Improvement

Design enhancements improve the overall medical air systems’ efficiency and serviceability, coupled with the state of our TotalAlert Embedded control system.

More documentation and specifications on our oil-free scroll medical air systems:


Oil-free Scroll Medical Compressor

The oil-free scroll medical air systems are compliant with NFP99, designed and manufactured with ISO 13485 processes. Each system is completely tested before shipment and includes oil-free scroll compressors. Our scroll compressors are of high quality

scroll compressor zoom
  • Minimal moving parts ensure a long operating life with minimum number of service interventions. 
  • With no need for oil lubrication in the compression chamber, you are guaranteed high-quality, oil-free air. 
  • The scroll elements are belt-driven, eliminating the need for a gearbox.


Oil-free in every way

TotalAlert Embedded

total alert embedded BeaconMedaes
The TotalAlert Embedded controls enable you to network your Scroll system with your TotalAlert alarm panels through your facility’s Ethernet. 

By simply connecting the control panel to an Ethernet hub, you can monitor the system remotely from any computer on the facility’s network. 

No additional wiring, no additional software - all inclusive out of the gate. 

    The TotalAlert Embedded network puts all of the information from your source equipment and alarms at your fingertips.

Other design enhancements

Re-engineered medical air dryer

for guaranteed dew point, minimal leak points, and improved serviceability

New fitting and connectors

reduce potential leak points and help conserve energy

Single point connections

for intake, outflow, electrical and drainage

Highest standards of certification

standards nfpa

At BeaconMedaes we design our products and solutions to comply with the highest standard. Our medical air scroll system is fully certified: 

  • ISO 13485 certified Management System for Medical Device Manufacturers 
  • ISO 9001 certified Quality Management System
  • ISO 14001 certified Environmental Management System 
  • OHSAS 18001 / ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Standard 
  • Control Panels are listed to UL 508A and CSA-C22.2 No. 14 
  • Fully compliant with NFPA 99 

At BeaconMedaes the ISO13485 applies to both medical source equipment and medical pipeline products, which makes us unique in our market. We understand the value of right certifications, and so our system consistently delivers products that meet design tolerances and our customers' needs.