Oil-free Scroll Medical Air Systems

Our scroll medical air systems are a result of decades of experience in medical air design and manufacturing

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BeaconMedaes Medical Roots

For over 70 years, BeaconMedaes has been the leading specialist in the design, supply and installation of medical air compressors systems. All air and vacuum source equipment are 100% factory tested and on-site start-up is provided by a trained, experienced service technician or distributor to ensure proper operation once the equipment is installed.

The Next Generation of Medical Air Supply

As the leader in medical air design and manufacturing, BeaconMedæs introduces the Scroll medical air package. The redesigned Scroll medical air package is in a class of its own. State of the art TotalAlert™ Embedded controls are the most visible part of the new medical air system. TotalAlert™ Embedded features include:
  • High-detail touchscreen displays vital system information, alarms and warning, service screens, and event logs
  • Embedded web server, remote monitoring and e-mail/pager alerts
  • Ethernet connectivity for simple installation and TotalAlert™ networking

Less visible design enhancements of the Scroll medical air system include:

  • Re-engineered LifeLine® medical air dryer for guaranteed dew point, minimal leak points, and improved serviceability
  • New fitting and connectors reduce potential leak points and help conserve energy
  • Single point connections for intake, outflow, electrical and drainage
  • Designed to ISO 13485 standards and procedures
More information on TotalAlert Embedded Network can be found in our Oil-free Scroll Medical Air Systems Brochure. 



Oil-free Scroll Medical Compressor

The oil-free scroll medical air systems are compliant with NFP99, designed and manufactured with ISO 13485 processes. Each system is completely tested before shipment and includes oil-free scroll compressors. Our scroll compressors are of high quality:

  • Minimal moving parts ensure a long operating life with minimum number of service interventions.
  • With no need for oil lubrication in the compression chamber, you are guaranteed high-quality, oil-free air.
  • The scroll elements are belt-driven, eliminating the need for a gearbox. Oil-free in every way.


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