Oil-Free Rotary Tooth Medical Air Systems (Z MED)

Clean, oil-free medical air supply with optimum efficiency and reliability that is essential in hospitals

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BeaconMedaes Medical Roots

For over 70 years, BeaconMedaes has been the leading specialist in the design, supply and installation of medical air compressors systems. All air and vacuum source equipment are 100% factory tested and on-site start-up is provided by a trained, experienced service technician or distributor to ensure proper operation once the equipment is installed

Complete Medical Air Solution

The Oil-Free Rotary Tooth Medical Air System features an all-inclusive, fully engineered modular air system designed in accordance to all NFPA 99 code requirements. The Z MED modules integrate seamlessly, ensuring that your medical air system works exactly as BeaconMedæs designed it to work, every time. Choosing the Z MED rotary tooth medical air technology guarantees your facility a medical air system with all safety features factory installed.

Certified 100% Oil Free

Certified ISO 8573-1 Class 0 by the internationally renowned TÜV Institute, our medical air compressor system (Z MED) is your guarantee that no oil will enter your medical air from the compressor system. Zero oil means zero risk of contamination. Your certification for truly oil free air and peace of mind.


The Z MED heatless desiccant dryers utilize dew point dependent purge control to guarantee the lowest possible energy losses while delivering a totally stable and reliable dew point.  Equipped with carefully selected filtration, transmitters, and regulators, the Z MED dryer module is your piece of mind that your medical air system always produces clean, dry and pure air.

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