Liquid Ring 'Camel' Medical Vacuum Systems

Secure Against Loss of Water

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Durability Measured in Decades

Most vacuum technologies measure life in terms of "hours" but liquid ring measures in decades. No vanes, no friction results in extraordinary long life with minimal requirements.

The Liquid Ring Operating Principle

Liquid ring is a simple technology. A rotor spins a sealing fluid (usually water) inside of a cylindrical housing. Since the rotor is offset to the housing, the fluid moves in and out of "buckets" as the rotor turns. The fluid acts as an ideal piston, pumping air virtually without friction. The rotor never touches the housing, so the pump suffers no internal wear.

Secure Against Loss of Water

Water usage and loss of supply are often cited as reasons to forgo the advantages of liquid rings. The BeaconMedaes LifeLine® Camel provides the answer to both issues through an on-board reservoir containing up to 48 hours of reserve seal water.

Ability to Handle Liquid Carryover

Unlike other technology options, liquid ring systems can ingest volumes of liquid contaminants without noticeable effect on pump operation.