Medical Air Desiccant Dryers

BeaconMedaes LifeLine®, Designed Specifically for Healthcare

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Designed specifically for healthcare, BeaconMedæs LifeLine® dryers are unaffected by the widely fluctuating flow conditions found in nearly all hospital applications. Regardless of load conditions, LifeLine® systems produce a consistently low dew point well below the requirements mandated by NFPA 99. By removing 50% more water than refrigerant dryers, dew point alarms are eliminated.

441 Transfer Valve

The weak point in most desiccant dryers is their switching valves. The LifeLine® 441 valve uses two sliding ceramic plates that form a nearly perfect, almost indestructible seal. As these ceramic plates slide during each desiccant tower changeover, they wipe themselves clean of any particulates that commonly destroy ordinary valve designs. The result is a maintenance-free valve with extraordinary reliability.

Dryer Efficiency – Dew Point Purge

The LifeLine® heatless desiccant dryers utilize dew point dependent purge control to guarantee the lowest possible energy losses for desiccant regeneration while delivering a totally stable and reliable dew point. Purge air is minimized with tower switching based on dew point readings, so when the medical air demand is low, so is your energy consumption.