Series B Medical Gas Outlets

The Most Common Outlet Frame in Use Today

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Today's Standard

  • Captured valve design prevents parts from falling on the floor during routine maintenance.
  • All common non-interchangeable keyings, wall and console versions.
  • Our Hook Plate features a retractable hook that organizes setup and takes the load off the outlets, ensuring costly gas leaks are minimized.
  • Our Series B includes Biomaster, an additive that has been proven to inhibit bacterial growth.(Disclaimer: Use of this product does not protect user from disease-bearing and food-borne pathogens.)
  • Outlet Types

    The quality and design of BeaconMedaes medical gas outlets significantly improves on the originals:

  • Universal rough-in common for all outlets.
  • Full 3/4" plaster adjustment.
  • "Captured" valve design eliminates lost parts.
  • No special tools required for service.
  • High flow rates with minimal pressure drops.
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    Front Load DISS outlet

    The new Front Load DISS medical gas outlet belongs to the Series B family of latch valves.

    This new design features a primary check assembly that is accessed through the front of the outlet, eliminating the need to remove the outlet from the wall and reducing maintenance time. Reducing maintenance time means realizing cost savings over the life of the outlets.

    The Front Load DISS latch valve is compatible with the full line of Series B wall and console rough-ins, making replacements and upgrades to the new latch valve easy and affordable. 

    The Front Load DISS also works with the Series B trim plates, including the patented Series B Hook Plate. The latter features a retractable arm that takes the load off of the outlet, minimizing costly gas leaks. The Hook Plate is treated with Biomaster, an additive that has been shown to reduce bacteria growth.

    Front Load DISS outlet