New Brand Identity press release

Still the same BeaconMedaes – ready for our next chapter

October 27, 2020 - We’re delighted to unveil a new, refreshed brand identity. The update reflects the evolution of our organization and the ground we have covered over the past five years.

At BeaconMedaes, research, development, and applied technology are critical to our offering. So is our focus on customer care, and with our brand identity, we seek to reflect our commitments. Our new brand identity has been designed to:

  • reflect our brand’s growth;
  • represent who we are and what we do;
  • communicate to our customers the services we provide;
  • define a clear value proposition; and
  • establish a strong visual identity that is aligned with the present.

We’ve updated typeface, color palette, and imagery, such as photography and graphic illustrations to create a distinctive look and feel of BeaconMedaes as we are today.

Whilst our beloved BeaconMedaes blue still plays the leading role in our branding, we have made room for a supplementary color palette to add a boost to our visual identity.

Storytelling through imagery will play a key role in our new branding. At BeaconMedaes we pride ourselves on being a people-focused company. Our tagline “Life is in the details” alludes to our vital role in hospitals, sustaining patients when they are at their most vulnerable.

The choices we have made during this journey of the past months further underscores our brand orientation: a people-focused, vibrant, innovative, positive, energized, and trustworthy medical gas solutions provider.

At BeaconMedaes, the launch of our new visual identity marks the beginning of a new, successful chapter in sustaining life.