BeaconMedæs introduces new ISO Standard Area Valve Box for medical gas pipeline systems

August 2018, Rock Hill, SC, USA – BeaconMedaes, Part of the Atlas Copco Group, pleased to launch a new Area Valve Box for medical gas pipeline systems

The ISO Area Valve Box has been designed in accordance to the ISO 7396-1 standard where all clinical areas must be individually monitored per guidelines. The purpose of the unit is to provide fast access to the pipeline distribution system in case of a fire or emergency malfunctions as well as monitor individual and central systems within hospitals. The Area Valve Box supplies both an inlet and outlet connection. Additionally, the Area Valve Box allows the hospital and maintenance staff to physically isolate sections of the pipeline during downstream system repairs or maintenance situations. The BeaconMedaes ISO Area Valve Box embodies a simplified design with modern components. The components include a robust powder coated metal case designed for rugged durability. The unit is easy to install and can be mounted wall recessed or surface mounted.

ISO Area Valve Box
Also included is a valve assembly, which consists of a copper 22 mm outlet tube and inlet tube with an InLine Shut-off valve for trouble-free operation. The valve assembly has a transition block which houses a pressure gauge for easy pressure reading, an emergency and maintenance inlet, as well as the pressure and vacuum switches. Likewise, the physical isolation device allows for valve isolation when the inline shut-off valve is in service yielding the back feeding of gas through the emergency and maintenance inlet. The units are intended to be installed downstream of line pressure regulators. When used for emergency situations, the device must be incorporated in the emergency management plan of the healthcare facility. To offer this level of added security, the Area Valve Box comes with electronic pressure sensors which provide highly precise measurement values and activate a visual alarm in the event of abnormal pressure changes. The built-in alarm is a LCD display with 16 inputs for up to 8 gases. When not in alarm mode, the display message reads “Status of System is OK”. Alternatively, the alarm can be programmed with a different message up to 16 characters and two lines. If an alarm condition would occur a message will appear, a red LED light will flash, and a ringtone will be activated. Fully compliant to ISO 7396-1, the Area Valve Box pressure switches continuously monitor the network pressure. The optical and acoustic alarm functions immediately indicate any malfunction situation and pressures are displayed independent of the power supply via the analog pressure gauges.