BeaconMedaes introduces new dMED Medical Air Purification Module, setting the standard for the medical gas market once again

Staveley, United Kingdom January 10, 2020 - The new dMED Medical Air Purifier is a truly drop-in solution - it frees up to 65% of the floor space and is 35% lighter compared with the previous design.

At BeaconMedaes, we understand smooth commissioning is crucial. This is why we set ourselves the ambition of halving installation time required compared to the accepted industry norm. To achieve this, we work on every aspect of our medical air systems, both software and hardware - every building block of the system matters. Through clever internal design and the compact size of the desiccant dryers, we have reduced the dMED’s footprint by 65% and its weight by 35% compared to the previous design. This can help installers overcome the challenges they face when working on plant room layouts.

The dMED comes pre-piped and wired in a fully duplexed package. It has a six-step purification process with a Hopcalite option that provides European Pharmacopeia compliant medical air. It is designed and manufactured according to the ISO 13485 Quality Management System. The purifiers comply with HTM 02-01/HTM 20-22 and are CE certified in accordance with the Medical Device Directive MDD 93/42/EEC. This pre-certification simplifies the organisation and inspection by regulatory bodies, saving the hospital time and money and reducing the risk of a rework of the system to satisfy requirements. The new design allows for an improved serviceability as all service components are easy to reach and it is easy to exchange the desiccant cartridge. Only two tools are required to service the dryers. Furthermore, energy efficiency is optimised due to reduced purge losses. Our built-in purge saver, which is offered as a standard feature for the whole range, stops the purge flow when the dew point level remains acceptable. The advanced controls consist of a central controller and separate controllers for each dryer side, optimising energy efficiency and making sure the system is fully redundant and failsafe. The new range stretches from a flow rate of 581 l/min to 13,337 l/min and is now available as part of the BeaconMedaes Medical Air System.