The Next Generation of TotalAlert Controls

Take control of your medical gas management.

Touchscreen Functionality

The high-resolution 10” touchscreen is simple and intuitive, featuring screens with easy-to-read color graphics and icons displaying the system’s vital information. Quickly understand the system operation and identify any alarms or warnings.

Finding information is easy: navigate between screens for in-depth information on system performance, maintenance, and history. Enabling you to fully understand and ensure proper operation of your equipment.

Proactive Systems Management

With the wealth of information available through the new TotalAlert controls, you can effectively manage your source equipment. Access trend graphs, history event logs, and maintenance schedules with a touch of the screen. This, to better assess the operation of the equipment and proactively plan to maintain it.


Connectivity for total remote management is made easy. Simply log into MyMedGas and manage all your source equipment. There are no cables to run and operate on the facility’s network, connectivity is cloud based with data transmitting directly to your MyMedGas dashboard.

Another means of connecting the new TotalAlert Controls is through BACnet/IP. With an Ethernet connection point at the top of the panel, connecting to the facility’s network is a snap.

TotalAlert Control