BeaconMedaes Offers TotalAlert Embedded Upgrade Kits for LifeLine Manifolds

BeaconMedaes, part of the Atlas Copco Group, launched the new LifeLine Manifold, offered as standard or TotalAlert Embedded (TAE), a year ago. Now, you can easily convert your standard LifeLine Manifold to a TAE version.

It has been nearly a year since BeaconMedaes launched our new LifeLine Manifold, designed to ensure fewer gas leaks with no NPT connections.

BeaconMedaes LifeLine manifolds are small in size and offer superior flow rates. LifeLine manifolds equipped with TotalAlert Embedded (TAE) allow for the monitoring of the medical air system, equipment air system, nitrous oxide manifold, carbon dioxide manifold and nitrogen manifold on any computer or web browser connected to a facility’s network.

“This feature-rich product has created a lot of positive buzz in the marketplace, especially with the TAE functionality,” said Jonathan Brooks, BeaconMedaes product manager.

BeaconMedaes upgrade kits allow for an easy transition from a standard LifeLine manifold to the TAE version.

With BeaconMedaes TotalAlert Embedded LifeLine Manifolds, the pressure transducers monitor pressure in each bank of cylinders as well as delivery pressure.

TAE allows for e-mail alerts for alarm conditions and warnings when pressure drops below pre-defined settings, advising facilities to replace cylinders before even reaching alarm conditions. This function goes beyond providing just a digital readout.

With the built-in web server, a remote operator can view system controls and display information such as alarm conditions, maintenance, system trends, and manifold events, including automatic and manual changeovers as well as alarm resets. All that is needed is a standard web browser.

More TotalAlert Embedded features:

  • TAE shows all current pressure conditions including the left and right bank pressure of the manifold as well as any alarm conditions.
  • TAE shows all alarm conditions such as Changeover, Reserve Low, Reserve In Use, and Secondary Low.
  • TAE shows the maintenance schedule for various components, depending on the system, when due as well as at what intervals.
  • TAE shows a complete list of all TAE devices on the network such as Manifolds, Alarms, and Scroll and Claw Vacuum Systems.
  • TAE allows the user to set up trend intervals ranging from every 30 seconds to every 20 minutes. This data can then be downloaded to an excel file.
  • TAE shows all manifold events including automatic and manual changeovers, as well as alarm resets. The pressure reading is also recorded at the time of the events.
  • TAE has the ability to send e-mail notifications pertaining to system issues such as alarm conditions, maintenance schedules, and pressure levels.