BeaconMedaes Launches New Semi-Automatic and Manual Manifolds

BeaconMedaes, part of the Atlas Copco Group, launches Semi-Automatic and Manual Manifold Systems to meet simpler applications.

BeaconMedaes is pleased to announce our new Semi-Automatic and Manual Manifolds, which are designed to supply piped medical gas where a continuous supply is essential, and where the gas is to be supplied from high pressure gas cylinders. The manifolds are suitable for markets where international standards are desired but not mandatory. Applications including hospital laboratories, private facilities or small clinics and back-up for medical air plants are ideal, said Andy Tudor, Product Development Manager for Atlas Copco Medical UK. Focus markets include Asia and Africa regions. Medical gas applications include O2, N20, N20/O2 50/50, Medical Air, Surgical Air, N2, and CO2. The manifolds use components that are tested and manufactured in the same factory and to the same standards as the HTM/ISO product BeaconMedaes currently manufactures, but offers a simplified operation, Tudor said. “We are not compromising on quality, only offering reduced functionality,” he said. The manifolds do not use halogenated polymers that can produce highly toxic gases when burned and are supplied fully tested, ensuring patient safety. The new versions use 80 percent of parts that are currently used in the existing Manifold Control Panel (MCS2) or Emergency Reserve Manifold (ERM) products, providing ease of maintenance and support, Tudor said.


The semi-automatic manifold is controlled by adjusting the pressure of the right hand regulator to a setting either above or below the left hand fixed regulator. The regulator leaver allows for typically a two bar adjustment. The duty bank will be depleted until the pressure drops below the changeover parameters. The gas supply will then automatically changeover to the standby bank. When the duty supply pressure drops below the standby bank, staff will be alerted of the status from the contact gauge output to a suitable alarm. Medical staff will manually bring the standby bank online, isolate the empty bank, and replace the empty cylinders to ensure an uninterrupted supply. Unlike the semi-automatic version, the manual manifold requires manual operation of either the cylinder valves or optional bank valves. Changeover to the standby bank of cylinders is achieved by turning off the empty cylinders and opening the standby cylinders for continuity of gas supply. A high pressure bank valve kit enabling the user to isolate one complete bank of cylinders from a single point is also available.

Features Common to Both new Manifolds

Two separate stages of pressure regulation provide high peak flow rates without a significant reduction in downstream pressure. A pre-piped kit is available for indoor installation. A non-return valve and lockable line isolation valve enables a continuous supply of gas to the distribution system upon failure of the normal supply. The systems are equipped with a service connection for gas quality sampling and draining for maintenance. The manifolds are provided as a base model with standard options for affordability. A full feature unit with all available options pre-configured will also be available, allowing the systems to be tailored to the users’ needs. Optional features include a supply line pressure alarm output, an alarm terminal box and an exhaust assembly and cover. The new manifolds will be manufactured in the Atlas Copco Medical production facility based in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom.