BeaconMedaes launches new retrofit option for medical scroll air systems

BeaconMedaes, part of the Atlas Copco Group, now offers a Medical Scroll Air Retrofit Package in sizes from 2 HP to 15 HP.

The new BeaconMedaes Medical Scroll Air Retrofit Package makes air systems like new again. The OEM Service Kits are designed to replace all commonly worn parts of the compressor at once, ensuring that when a retrofit is complete, the system is running at its best. “BeaconMedaes continues to work towards introducing the market with solutions to enhance existing medical gas systems,” said Jennifer Ramirez, Business Line Manager, Service US. “Our latest product innovation, the Retrofit Scroll Tower, will breathe new life into any existing medical scroll air system.” The kits allow service to be performed with minimal downtime and with the ability to service the air system directly in the field, replacement compressors are no longer necessary, reducing future maintenance costs. “Accompanied with the installation expertise of our factory-trained field service engineers, our customers can begin using the advancements in this new product quickly,” Ramirez said. The kits are also designed to meet specific applications, with a wide range of compressor retrofits available, from 2 HP to 15 HP. The system’s modular design provides maximum flexibility for any facility. BeaconMedaes offers the industry’s most comprehensive technical support. Whether you need a question answered, medical gas equipment repaired, or a preventative maintenance program, BeaconMedæs is there for you. Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.