BeaconMedaes Incorporates Advanced Polymer into DiamondCare Medical Gas Outlets

BeaconMedaes, part of the Atlas Copco Group, now includes a state-of-the-art polymer in the next generation of the DiamondCare medical gas outlets.

The renowned DiamondCare medical gas outlets elevated the medical gas industry with a unique, twist-lock barrel cartridge design. The design permits quick check valve replacement without special tools. BeaconMedæs, as part of its goal to adapt to the current healthcare facility environments, is using a new polymer in the next generation of the DiamondCare outlet series. “Once again, BeaconMedaes has proven our commitment to helping hospitals meet the modern challenges of infection control, outlet durability, and maintenance,” Product Manager Jonathan Brooks said. “We have taken the DiamondCare outlet that offers clean styling, simplified maintenance and added enhancements that will provide additional value for our customers.” The new medical gas outlets feature a polymer designed for increased resistance to quaternary disinfectant cleaners. The polymer also incorporates Addmaster’s Biomaster additive and UV stable keying disks. Biomaster is known to inhibit bacterial growth. Please visit for more details. These additives are infused during the manufacturing process to establish a long-term solution. The outlets continue to have the same classic DiamondCare appearance, simple ease-of-use and serviceability. The new DiamondCare outlets reflect BeaconMedæs’ commitment to continuous improvement through the addition of the chemical resistant polymer, UV stable keying disks and Biomaster additive.