BeaconMedaes introduces new medical vacuum filter assembly for medical gas pipeline systems

July 2018, Rock Hill, SC, USA – BeaconMedaes, Part of the Atlas Copco Group, introduces the MV Medical Vacuum Filter Assembly for medical gas pipeline systems. The new bacterial filter assemblies are designed to protect the vacuum system, the workers who maintain the equipment, and the surrounding environment.

The NFPA 99 standard, 2018 edition now requires the addition of bacteriologic filtration at the medical vacuum plant. To meet these new compliance requirements, BeaconMedaes has launched the MV Filter Assembly for medical vacuum, to be installed at the inlet of the vacuum system for removal of any liquids, solids or bacterial contaminations. The new MV Filter Assemblies utilize a single point connection design featuring interconnecting piping, isolation valves, and a rugged frame that allows for seamless plug and play installation. The modular design allows for quick disassembly to accommodate any hospital or healthcare facility door entrances. With the complexity of installation reduced dramatically as the piping and valves are pre-fitted and assembled at the factory, overall installation costs are reduced. With flanged connections between the filters, valves, and piping, the single point connection design also means there is no risk of leakage. All MV Filter Assemblies are leak tested before leaving the factory. The MV Filters incorporate filter elements of the highest quality. The elements are made from pleated glass fiber media which captures particulates, bacteria and liquid aerosols, removing contamination that could damage the vacuum pump and release harmful contaminants into the downstream air. The MV Filters are independent third party tested and fully compliant to HEPA filter efficiency rating. In addition, these vacuum filter assemblies have endured stringent earthquake testing to receive the OSHPD seismic pre-certification, proving they are resistant to the most severe earthquake conditions. With the filter certification and the assembly rating, our MV Filter Assemblies provide you with peace of mind. The MV Filter Assemblies range in system capacity from 45 scfm to 630 scfm. All filters in each assembly are capable of individual isolation, and all system capacities shown with one filter in reserve. “At BeaconMedaes we understand the importance of the customer’s lifetime value management. Our MV Medical Vacuum Filter Assemblies offer best-in-class performance, minimal service downtime, ease of installation and low maintenance costs,“ said Abhijeet Jain, Global Product Manager for Medical Vacuum. “When it relates to compliance and design specifications, we maintain strict standards and thus all our filter elements are third party tested and certified. Additionally, our filter assemblies are seismic certified too, we recognize the added value to offer all these certifications as part of our standard product features. Our MV Medical Vacuum Filter Assemblies are an ideal solution for hospitals and healthcare facilities of any size.”