BeaconMedaes launches its new Lifeline® MCS Medical Manifold

BeaconMedaes, part of the Atlas Copco Group, launches its new Automatic Changeover Medical Manifold for increased patient safety.

In line with our ability to stay at the forefront of medical technology, BeaconMedæs has developed the Lifeline® MCS Manifold to better meet the needs of our customers. With an aim to minimise the risk of low pressure even in a peak demand, BeaconMedaes is probably one of the only companies in the United Kingdom that uses two stage regulators in their manifolds. This results in a leading high flow capacity of 1,750 lpm at 4 bar stable pressure over the entire flow range. Additionally, two stage regulation extends the operational life of the system significantly. BeaconMedaes always uses halogen free high pressure regulators which reduces the risks of self-ignition and emission of toxic gases. To increase control over medical gas consumption, our new Lifeline® MCS Manifold includes a colour graphical display with a precise pressure indication. Visualisation of the remaining gas volume in cylinders and average flow consumption will give you full control over your medical gas installation. Thanks to its digital control panel and two stage regulators the manifold has low changeover pressure that saves you up to 270,000 litres of valued gas annually. This will be considered of great value when looking at the total cost of ownership. To reduce cost and time of installation of a new BeaconMedaes manifold we integrated and preinstalled many components, such as a test point (medical gas terminal unit) and a pre-piped exhaust. We also reduced the width of the complete control system by 30%, offering more freedom during installation and saving premium space. Additionally a wall mounting bracket is now supplied – so installation of the manifold can be done by a single person. In short, the new BeaconMedaes Lifeline® manifold is not only reliable, innovative and efficient system, but it also allows you to keep costs under your control.