BeaconMedaes launches new range of high-efficient medical compressors for HTM market

BeaconMedaes, part of the Atlas Copco Group, launches a new range of highefficient ultra-compact medical compressors for use in HTM-compliant Medical Air Plants.

When first launched in 2013, the GA VSD+ brought a game-changing revolution in the compressor industry with its extremely high efficiency and innovative vertical design. This technology is from now on available in a variant for use in HTM-compliant medical air plants. The GA VSD+ MED is at heart an oil-injected screw compressor. However the novel concept of the GA VSD+ consists of a new drive train, where the classic induction motor has been replaced by a unique permanent magnet motor. Due to the high rotation speeds that can be achieved by this motor, there is no longer a need for a gear case. Combining that with the high efficiency of the in-house developed motor, the variable speed concept allows tremendous energy savings – in classic applications, up to 50% in comparison with a traditional fix speed compressor. β€œIn medical applications, where demand for air varies moment to moment as patient treatments proceed, even greater savings may be possible,” says Mark Allen, Vice President Marketing. On top of that, the drive train assembly is aligned vertically, leading to an even more thrilling 55% saving in footprint. In hospitals, the latter is a sought-after feature where floor space is often limited and at a premium. The GA VSD+ MED comes with specific safety features to meet and exceed the HTM standards. Apart from modified software with automatic restart after voltage failure, the unit incorporates an amp meter, main switch and a temperature sensor to monitor the outlet temperature. The machine provides failure to go on load alarming, confirming that pressure is effectively building when the start command has been sent to the unit. The new range stretches from 7 to 37kW and is now available through BeaconMedaes as part of their medical air plant range.