BeaconMedaes incorporates antimicrobial additive into GEM Shield Medical Gas Terminal Units

BeaconMedaes will include Biomaster in GEM Shield units through exclusive agreement with Addmaster.

Through an exclusive agreement with Addmaster, the manufacturer of Biomaster and other antimicrobial additives, BeaconMedæs, part of the Atlas Copco Group, will add Biomaster into future patient environment products, reducing the risk of cross contamination in these high-risk areas. Through the agreement, Addmaster has granted BeaconMedæs UK exclusivity on the use of Biomaster additive and Biomaster co-branding in the manufacture and sale of Medical Gas Pipeline Systems installed within patient areas, for the UK and USA markets. Biomaster reduces bacterial growth in three ways. The additive binds to cell walls of bacteria, disrupting growth. Biomaster ions also stop the cells from producing energy by interfering with enzyme production and by preventing replication of the cells’ DNA. “We wanted to assist the hospital in their infection control goals, i.e. reduce cross infection, in order to provide better well-being for patients,” said Andy Tudor, Product Development Manager. Through the controlled release of the active ingredient, Biomaster provides maximum antibacterial protection for the lifetime of the product. “This means we don’t need to worry about the product once on the market,” Tudor noted. Biomaster is added into product materials during the manufacturing process, ensuring long-term performance. Addmaster also provides a safety taggant, Verimaster, which allows BeaconMedaes to check the antimicrobial additive is present in the product as part of the quality control procedure. “This exclusivity agreement will enable BeaconMedæs to actively market the inclusion of Biomaster and Verimaster products in our new Gem Shield medical gas terminal unit,” he said. “The goal is to provide Biomaster and Verimaster in any BeaconMedaes product installed within a patient environment.”