Oil injected Screw VSD+ Medical Air Systems

Modular design providing maximum flexibility for easy on-site installation

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Compliant Medical Air

Medical air systems are designed and manufactured according to the ISO 13485 quality management system and are CE certified in accordance with MDD 93/42/EEC

Purity and Precision

The dMED comes pre-piped and wired in a fully duplexed package, with a six-step purification process with a Hopcalite option that provides European Pharmacopeia compliant medical air

Easy Serviceability

All service components are easy to reach and it is easy to exchange the desiccant cartridge. Only two tools are required to service the dryers.

In combination with our dMED medical air purification module, oil-injected screw air systems deliver medical air in compliance to the European Pharmacopoeia. Experience our most energy efficient systems using GA VSD+ MED, the latest addition to the medical compressor range. With its innovative vertical design, the GA-MED VSD+ brings a game-changing revolution in the oil-injected compressed air market. It offers Variable Speed Drive as standard, a compact motor and footprint thanks to its in-house design and iPM (Permanent Magnet) technology. The GA-MED VSD+ reduces energy consumption by on average 50%, with uptimes assured even in the harshest operational conditions. And all this at extremely low noise levels, as low as 62dB(A).